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What is Tramontina?

We represent the Brazilian brand of kitchenware, cooking utensils, and cutlery; a full line of stainless steel products. It is a world-class brand renowned for its strong, durable knives. Today, the brand’s assortment includes more than 18 thousand items – these are products of excellent quality, which at the same time are in a fairly reasonable price category.

Selling products of the Tramontina brand on your network is a great chance for those who want to supply products for which customers will come back again and again. This is due to confidence in quality, original design and ergonomics, the century-old history of the brand, prestige and uniqueness.

110 years
Of successful work
22 000
Items in the catalogue

Official representative

Our company has been the official representative of the Tramontina brand in the Baltic countries for more than 10 years. We invite shops and chains willing to distribute the brand’s products for cooperation.
We are the only official representative in Latvia and Estonia. At the same time, we are the contact person of the Company - all transactions concerning direct orders from Brazil go through us.

Do you want to receive an offer or to find out cooperation terms? Leave your request and we will contact you!

We will provide marketing support by assisting you with visual materials and information that will facilitate sales.
We will provide marketing support by assisting you with visual materials and information that will facilitate sales.
We will discuss all possible options for cooperation, payment, and delivery.
We facilitate the process of ordering brand goods from Brazil and give a guarantee of the authenticity of branded products.
We have a warehouse and an office in Riga, where your company representatives can browse product samples and personally discuss the terms of cooperation.

Brand history

The company was established in 1911, when its founder Valentin Tramontina settled into the small town of Carlos Barbosa in southern Brazil. He built a small wooden house and he and his wife, Elisa De Cecco, opened an iron mill in their home to make a living for themselves by forging knives.
Focused, dedicated, and hard-working, together they created a reputable operation in their town and were able to deliver a reliable product to the community, and the knives quickly became in demand.
In 1939, Valentin passed away and his wife took on the challenge of leading the company on her own. During these years, the high production bar was maintained, the assortment expanded, and Elisa also cared for her staff by ensuring wages were fairly distributed to all workers. Thanks to this, the company grew and strengthened in the market, and soon the brand’s products began to be sold in other regions.
After a decade of successful management of the company, Elisa passed the role down to her son Ivo and his colleague Ruy J. Scomazzon. Together they brought Tramontina into the era of modern manufacturing, improved it and significantly expanded its range.
After the Company experienced extraordinary success in Brazil, it decided to expand its geography and conquer the US market. The team members arrived in Houston to expand the company’s global presence. They began selling branded knives to retailers in the area. Through the consistent delivery of quality products and excellent service, the Tramontina brand built trust and expanded sales markets.
The Company continued its expansion and began to move to European markets and other countries of the world. The impeccable quality, reliability, durability of goods undoubtedly won over consumers of any segment. A modern approach to environmental friendliness of production, energy saving and social policy helped to bring the Company to the world level.
Today the Tramontina brand is also represented in the Baltic countries. We will be glad to cooperate with you!

Brand products


The history of the Company began with knives, which are the brand’s business card today. The demand is huge – more than 2 million knives are produced per day. The secret of their popularity is in the peculiarities of production. Stainless steel sheet is amenable to multi-stage hardening technology. Eventually, the product has good ductility, high impact resistance, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The Tramontina Company uses the method of thermal hardening - first the metal is heated up to +1050 °С, then it is cooled down to -80 °С, then heated to + 250 °С again, and only then it is finally cooled to an ambient temperature. This technology allows the steel to retain all its useful properties and become more solid. As a result, Tramontina knives require less sharpening.

Knife handles are made of wood, steel, plastic, nylon and polycarbonate. Therefore, you can easily choose the design of the knife to suit your personal preferences. The Company pays special attention to the ergonomics and safety of its products; the products are designed taking the user’s body into account. Therefore, the knife will lie confidently in one’s hand, despite moisture or grease.


A special technology is also used for the production of kitchen utensils. It is a triple-bottom technology (stainless steel, aluminium, stainless steel). Production takes place under the pressure of a press with a load of more than 3000 tonnes. This enables one to make the three-layer bottom a single whole without cavities and gaps, due to which heat distribution in the cookware occurs evenly.

The pans are made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel, so that no metal particles remain in the food. Three-layer technology provides durability, resistance to corrosion, acids and alkalis. The cookware does not change the taste or smell of food, speeds up the cooking time by 50% compared to conventional cookware, and saves up to 60% of electricity or gas for cooking.
Perfectly fitted lids keep the food warm. The dishes are dishwasher safe.


For the production of other cutlery, the same technologies are used as for the manufacture of knives. High-grade stainless steel is used and both the handles and the base are perfectly balanced. Much attention is paid to the polishing of the slots, the symmetry of the grooves, the accuracy of the rounding on all sides. Durability, strength, resistance to corrosion, acids and alkalis are noted. Such devices do not darken over time and, with proper care, retain their original mirror shine.

The design and ergonomics are worth a separate mention – the utensils are created all the subtleties of their use taking into account; therefore, they are very convenient and practical, but at the same time look very stylish. There are different types of polishes and handle materials, so it is easy to match the collection to your liking. Moreover, the specially hardened metal does not scratch the plates and does not damage the porcelain.

The Tramontina brand produces a huge number of versatile kitchen utensils and cookware. Among the dozen categories, there are products of different price segments and purposes. Browse the complete catalogue of the products we provide!
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Items for the perfect barbecue

In Brazil, the culture of roasting meat on an open fire is a separate authentic tradition, the roots of which lie in the customs of the indigenous community that inhabited the coast of South, Central and North America. From this direction, the concept of CHURRASCO products was born. This group includes speciality products for the grill, the design of which is perfect for cooking any type of meat and vegetables on the fire.

We also manufacture everything you need for a CHURRASCO barbecue – from high-quality stainless steel grills of several types to accessories. There are grills with thermometers, with a tight stainless lid, grate and coal tray. It is easy to choose a set of special solutions for frying fish, vegetables, meat, and steel skewers of any length.

Cookware and special accessories are made of stainless steel, so even at high temperatures and with constant use, you will not encounter rapid wear or rust. Spatulas, brushes, scrapers, skewers, special knives, forks, tongs, special sets in cases and without – you can assemble an ideal set both for relaxing in the country and for cooking in restaurants and cafes.

Benefits of brand products

Proven quality01
The brand’s manufacturing strategy is based on unique technologies, innovations and more than a century of experience. There is also a principle of continuous development and improvement. As a result, the quality of the products is globally recognised, the goods are highly valued by consumers and are sold in 120 countries of the world. Product warranty from 2 to 25 years!
Good price02
The quality of Tramontina products is at the level of European manufacturers, and at the same time the prices are more favourable by virtue of many years of experience and the huge scale of production. We have special conditions for wholesale buyers.
18 thousand items03
The brand produces goods of different price categories and purposes. Everyone can choose their necessary utensils and accessories. These are internationally recognised products that have served for a long time and are appreciated by users from a wide variety of segments – from households to chefs.
High-quality stainless steel04
The most famous brand products are made of stainless steel, which use 18/10 steel (18% chromium and 10% nickel). This is the optimal solution for cooking and storing food, because it is a surgical alloy and does not react chemically with food.
Durability 05
Products are made from high-quality materials and their combinations, which are designed for many years of intensive use. The knives do not require frequent sharpening, which sometimes extends their service life several times, in comparison with analogues.

Unique production technology

Over the years, the Company has developed its own approach to the manufacture of products. All methods and technologies are patented, so you will not find analogues anywhere in the world.
Watch the Tramontina production video!
Factory Cutelaria
Factory Farroupilha

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Forest conservation
The Company’s products use wood from forests managed in an environmentally sound, socially just and economically viable way. Confirmed by the FSC certificate.
The products are internationally certified and meet the standards of NSF – the globally recognised organisation for monitoring food safety and hygiene in food service companies and restaurants.
The brand operates in accordance with international quality management standards; therefore, it has certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14000. This confirms the reliability of products, a modern approach to production, and high social responsibility.
Environmental friendliness
One of the Company’s activities is to preserve the environment, including through the optimisation of production. The brand has a well-developed environmental management programme, which is confirmed by the ISO 14001 certificate.

Tramontina brand has 110 years of history

10 factories
16 international
13 distribution
Launch of the 13th
Center in Riga

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